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    Trend of world lighting and lighting industry in 2017

    Release date:2018-04-10

    2017, four pandemic tuyere


    one, the Nordic modern simplicity wind is the 2017 largest popular tuyere


    Nordic modern simple wind, the most prominent category in the lighting industry category is modern lamps. We call it modern minimalist art lighting. This, in the world, Home Furnishing software installed two years ago has begun to become the climate, lighting the 2016 getting better, we expect that it will become the largest port in 2017.


    Two, American style copper lamp is the 2017 and second pandemic tuyere


    The 2016 is a copper lamp prime, but not every year, almost all industries with copper. It is worth noting that, copper lamp 2017 may appear vicious competition in prices. Once this happens, the copper lamp has the risk of being rotten and becoming the next zinc alloy category. Therefore, the copper lamp brand enterprise 2017, adhere to its own position will be very important.


    Three, Chinese classical and Chinese modern


    Chinese classical and Chinese modern will become the third popular tuyere in 2017. Chinese classical Chinese Home Furnishing showing a more broad and profound connotation, its atmosphere, solemn, heritage and cultural heritage of the conquest of heavy manufacturing a large number of successful; modern Chinese is a combination of Chinese and modern two symbols, showing unprecedented fashion charm.


    Four, French will be in 2017


    Popularly speaking, American style is subtraction on European style, French is added on European style. And all things in this world, content extremely is back. When most people like minimalism, a few people enjoy a variety of processes, brilliant atmosphere, colorful, court style french. Therefore, the material to dilute the expensive, French from the beginning of 2017 will gradually form its own microclimate.


    Comparison and analysis of several other categories


    Crystal lamp: in the "go crystal" trend, the crystal lamp Market in recent years has been greater impact, especially in the provincial market and high-end brands. But the low-end crystal lamp on the county market share is still large.


    Low voltage lights: low voltage lights in today's trend of advocating minimalist style under the impact of the provincial market sell are not ideal, but consumers love fashion and beautiful county low-voltage lights, the market is still large.


    European style lamp: European style lights of resin type almost iron, copper The whole army was wiped out., but began to usher in good luck. Especially the "European and American" or "new Europe and America" in mashup style are beginning to enjoy new popularity.


    Fan lights: this strange category through 4, 5 years of cultivation, the current sales in steady growth, 2017, but will be a certain proportion of growth, but the explosive growth may not be too great.


    Stone Lamp: marble lamps have a stable share, but little growth, mainly the use of space for share; but the glass and marble lamps products may become a greater share; jade lamp as a comedy class favorite, share has a tendency to expand.


    Intelligent lighting: 2017, intelligent lighting will gradually move to the stage. But is smart lighting the product, the selling program, or the selling model? This is placed in front of enterprises sharp problem.


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